LSOH Look Book

For the cast of Little Shop of Horrors

Below are some images to help you put together your basic costume. Please have your costume ready to show on Tuesday 2nd June at the full cast rehearsal. Images may be added as we find ‘looks’ that we like, so check back here occasionally for more ideas!

Key things to consider

  • Colours should be brown, grey and beige
  • 1950’s style and shapes (skirts should be knee length)
  • Appropriate for someone who lives on Skid row (poor/down and out)
  • You need to be able to dance/move freely in what you wear
  • Shoes should be the appropriate colour, look old/battered and you should be able to move and dance in them!
  • Those involved in ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ will need a plain black t-shirt
  • Those involved in the dentist surgery scene will need a white basic t-shirt from H&M (men) like the image below.

white t shirt


ComicBook-App (17)

ComicBook-App (17)

unnamed (1)

‘Named’ characters may have additions or changes to their basic costume. We will let you know the specific things you need, but start thinking about what costume items or personal props you have that might be appropriate for your character and let us know your ideas.

Seymour, Audrey, Ronnette, Chiffon, Crystal and Mushnik: we will give your more information about your costume in rehearsals as we are going shopping just for you!