ISTA Festival: information for Harrow HK participants

The ISTA Festival this weekend officially runs from 30th October to 1st November, although the ISTA Artist Team will be in school on 29th October, and the overseas schools will arrive on that day, too.

The key timings for Harrow Hong Kong students participating in the Festival are as follows:

  • Friday 30th October 8.15am to 8.30pm (including a social / disco in the evening)
  • Saturday 31st October 8.15am to 5.15pm
  • Sunday 1st November 8.15am to 6.30pm

There will be a public performance, at which the participants will share their learning and experiences during the weekend, from 5.45 to 6.15pm on Sunday 1st November. An email will go to the relevant parents on Monday 26th October to explain how to sign up to attend this performance.


  • Students should wear comfortable clothing that allows for a range of movement and for physical practical work throughout the Festival.
  • Clothes should obviously be appropriate for a school setting.
  • On Friday 30th October, there will be an excursion to the Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. This will involve some walking and practical work outside, and so students may want to bear that in mind when deciding what to bring/wear.
  • It may be that students will be asked to wear black or dark-coloured trousers on the last day, along with the ISTA T-shirt which they will receive at the start of the Festival.
  • There will be a social event / disco on the Friday evening and so students may like to bring something to change into.


  • Students should bring a refillable water bottle.
  • A camera and notebook may also be useful.
  • Phones should be kept switched off in bags; no laptops.


  • All lunches, plus Friday evening meal, will be provided.
  • There will be a student-run tuck shop during the Festival, and so students may like to bring a small amount of money to spend. Proceeds from this tuck shop will go to charity.

If you have any questions about this Festival, please contact Mr James or Ms Collins directly.