A Christmas Carol- Cast List

Please note that many students have multiple roles- some of these may change as the rehearsal process begins and as we discover what is practical in terms of changing role.  There are also other opportunities that I haven’t included yet- namely the carol singers- which we will develop as the show progresses.

In no particular order…..

Scrooge Finn Bartlett
Scrooges’ Clerks Joelle Chan, Maya Rao, Cisy Ye,
Eileen Maes , Morgan Jack, Agatha Rowell,
Katrina Smith, Hoi Lam Wong, Tara Rodwell, Kirsty Stevenson
Marley’s Phantoms/The Bells/Shoppers Dasha Okolovich, Rachel Liao, Katherine Hui,
James Callaghan, Pernela Chea, Rachel Liao, Kaia Gower, Steven Lui, Michael Reid, Tye Ried
Bob Cratchit Harry De Witt
Fred Ed Cazzoli
First Portly Gentleman Steven Lui
Second Portly Gentleman Dasha Okolovich
Boy Hoi Lam Wong
Marley Paris Spivey
Ghost- Christmas Past Eileen Maes
Tom Joelle Chan
Dick Wilkinson Tye Reid
Harry Katrina Smith
Scrooge’s sister Agatha Rowold
Young /apprentice Scrooge Sebastian Clifford
Mr Fezziwig Michael Reid
Mrs Fezziwig/Belle Katherine Hui
Miss   Fezziwig 1 Nicole Bloom
Miss   Fezziwig 2 Dasha Okolovich
Ghost- Christmas Present Riaz Murray
Mrs Cratchit Cisy Ye
Belinda Cratchit Kaia Gower
Peter Cratchit James Callaghan
Tiny Tim Cratchit Hoi Lam Wong
Martha Cratchit Morgan Jack
Fat business man 1 Steven Lui
Fat business man 2 Michael Reid
Fat business man 3 Pernela Chea
Richman 1 Joelle Chan
Richman 2 Nicole Bloom
Mrs Dibler Kirsty Stevenson
Old Joe Riaz Murray
Woman (nightmare) Rachel Liao
Fred’s wife Morgan Jack
Ghost-  Christmas Yet to come Maya Rao