Alice The Musical

It is less than a week until the spectacular Prep School Production of ‘Alice The Musical’- the set is looking fantastic and tickets are selling fast. Get yours now.


ISTA Festivals for 2016-2017

One of the most exciting things about the Drama Department is its membership of ISTA.

Following the success of the recent trip to Penang, we have signed up for 2 ISTA festivals next year, as follows:

  • A Middle School Festival at Shanghai American School, Pudong (3rd to 7th November 2016) – this will be open to Years 6 to 9 and is likely to cost in the region of HK$7500-8000 all-inclusive, depending on final flight costs.
  • A High School Festival at Renaissance College, Hong Kong (17th to 19th May 2017) – this will be open to Years 9 to 13 and is likely to cost in the region of HK$2500-3000 (non-residential).

These festivals will be of great interest and benefit to a wide range of our students: all that is required is an interest in Drama and/or other performing arts. The nature of the festivals, which include collaborative work, cultural exchange and a lot of fun, means that those who attend will learn a huge amount – attending such events is often an extremely powerful and transformative experience.

Even more exciting is the fact that this year we will also be taking some students to Shanghai who are particularly interested in the production side of theatre, whether this be stage design, lighting, sound or just a general interest in production support.

Please note that a letter for the festival in Shanghai will be sent out very early next term, once flight costs have been confirmed. The deadline for signing up for this festival is likely to be 5th September, so you will need to act quickly if you want to attend.

No doubt demand will be high after our students’ past experiences in Penang, Manila and Bangkok and after the success of the recent Prep School Production: don’t miss out!

How the set began…

The set for Emil and the Detectives, designed by Mr Stratton, was certainly very impressive – the moment when the curtains opened to reveal the full expanse of the stage was a great moment of theatre.

But all great things start from humble beginnings. Mr Stratton was in school on the recent public holiday to start the set design:

First reviews are in!

Here are some of the comments we’ve received about the first performances of Emil and the Detectives:

Amazing, amazing, amazing. So so amazing. It was so impressive. The students were incredible and the ensembles were brilliant. The set was fantastic, and so too were the costumes and props. Thank you for giving us all a fabulous evening. What an achievement. We are all full of admiration. 

What a thoroughly entertaining evening – sometimes funny, sometimes quite moving but always fully engaging. 

Wow!! Amazing individual performances, stunning ensemble moments, and incredible set, poignant moments of song, hilarious moments of action and dialogue, bikes, goats, crazy old ladies, moustaches, chase scenes . . . Emil and the Detectives had it all, and I can’t wait to see it again!

I would just like to say ‘FANTASTIC’ to the opening night of Emil and the Detectives! The children once again showed how much they enjoyed being on the stage: professional, clear and at times extremely funny!! You definitely have some very talented actors and actresses.

I was amazed at the quality of the performances and the production as a whole – a tour de force. And everyone I’ve spoken to about it feels the same way. 

Firstly congratulations on last night’s opening performance; once again the performances, the staging, scenery which really did evoke the density and pace of a city . . . were outstanding. Given the size of the ensemble, it was an impressive production and you could see that all the performers were enjoying it. 

Very well done to . . . the performers tonight, on what was an excellent production. Not only could you clearly see the effort that had gone in and the enjoyment they were having, but to keep the momentum with such a large cast was truly impressive.

Well done, everyone!