Making Connections

The Drama Department have started establishing closer links with other areas of the school this year.

One key way that this has happened is that we have realigned some of our existing units of work to fit in with what is happening in other areas of the school: in Year 8, for example, we are studying the issue of Migrant Workers in China, which links effectively to the work being done on Globalisation in Geography. Meanwhile, Year 7 students have been studying a unit of work based on a story involving bullying, which has obviously drawn comparisons with the school-wide ‘No Bully’ initiative.

A further link has been made with the Lower School, with lessons actually being taught to Lower School classes, based on their Theme topics. So far Mr James has been working with Year 2, focusing on their Theme of ‘Communities’. We started by exploring a perfectly harmonious community through imaginative role play and enquiry, before moving on to look at what happens when the harmony is shattered. The response from the Year 2 children (and their teachers) has been very positive so far, and it is hoped that this initiative will extend to¬†other year groups over the course of the year.

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